Staying one step ahead

Since 2014 MAP Consulting Group has helped local businesses achieve INC 500 fastest growing company awards. We secured in excess of $385 million in lines of credit and start-up capital for small and medium business’, we also established new business models and processes in, Automotive, MPS, Fitness, and retail industries.


Over the course of a 30-year career, Mike Perez has demonstrated the ability to adapt to new industries and dramatically improve revenue in diverse companies. Currently, Mike and his team are motivated to deliver exceptional consulting services, proven to result in successful business outcomes.


Our consulting and advisory expertise is best leveraged by our clients when we are retained to address the most important challenges and opportunities within a company setting, specifically as it pertains to strategy and performance, M&A, CRM, management transitions, operations, and leadership development.


Our industries served to date are Retail, Technology, Consumer products, Logistics, and Automotive. By thinking outside the traditional project-based model and focusing on hard knowledge-based assets, we are able to contribute to a wide variety of industries and sectors.


AVOID THE “bet the business”