C-Suite Advisory

The pressure to perform, as well as excessive caution and habitual mistrust, are significant contributors to senior leader failure. CEOs, Presidents, and other top officers often have few individuals with whom they can openly discuss organizational concerns. Many leaders lack ‘agenda-free’ confidants available on the board, or within the management team, given the inherent nature of boss/subordinate relationships.

Today’s C-suite participants are facing pressure from opposing sources more than ever before. Employees, board members, customers, and other leaders are all vying for positioning, which often leads to C-suite isolation. A great degree of maturity, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence is required to successfully lead a high performing business in today’s marketplace. MAPCO Group has had many years of high-level management and direct P&L experience, necessary for truly understanding and advising top executives. We deliver objective and candid feedback, and recommendations concerning an individual’s leadership capabilities. We become a sounding board and a trusted advocate who will provide advice from a unique perspective of having ‘been there’ in a similar role

 “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”



The advisor and client collaborate on identifying the critical objectives that will be top-priority, to develop action plans and time targets for successfully meeting them. We also look to build successful partnerships with ELT team members and other key stakeholders, while establishing a direction and vision for the business. In summary, a dynamic knowledge base is established to help you as you go forward.


Every engagement is highly specialized to focus on the specific needs of each executive, and MAPCO Group advisory program is designed to enhance the overall effectiveness and performance of senior leadership. Depending on the focus of the engagement, we will obtain better insight into your capabilities, strengths, and contributions to the organization, as well as those areas where developmental focus may be necessary.


“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success” (Proverb 15:22).When choosing an advisor, be sure he/she has your trust, is able to deliver skills or behavioral changes you need, and is clear about the process. Remember that while enthusiasm is great, it cannot replace the practicality of proven experience. No one knows your business better than you. We at MAPCO Group can offer advice, a different perspective, and guidance toward the answers you need.

Effective advice
Transformational change
Nothing can replace trust
  • Results in transformational, not transactional change.
  • Continuously analyze what you do, what works, and what doesn’t work. You can learn much more from setbacks than you can from successes
  • Trust should not be confused with credibility. An advisor’s education and client list all help build credibility, but not necessarily trust