In our view, the most effective way to bring value to a client is by partnering with them in our collaborative method. Every project, by thorough evaluation, has the potential to reveal opportunities and transform mindsets, which then enables the development of customized plans and sustainable impact. We often use the phrase ‘Navigating Innovation’, and it is what we do best. At MAP Consulting, we provide a perspective of experience, while bringing new ideas to the table; re-imagining businesses to meet competitive challenges is our specialty.

For us, specialization is to “listen and partner,” rather than “analyze and tell.”


Based on your needs, priorities, and requirements, we work to establish working criteria, define your ‘end game’, and create a path to success. So, whether you want to implement a new process, or take the company to the next level, we begin with what is essential in your view and conclude with a comprehensive plan for execution.


We provide a different set of eyes, to view your company as a whole, whereas your organization may be focused on day-to-day operations. We facilitate the successful execution of the project or plan with minimal disruption to business flow while reducing the strain on human and financial resources.


The most critical time to get consulting help is when you and your company are working on a challenging problem or a controversial project, as it can be hard for you and your team to make decisions or take the necessary actions without getting wrapped up in emotions or politics, which can lead to service disruption. We can help

Define scope and end game
Learn the outside perspective
Avoid emotions and politics
  • Results will take less time and cost you less.
  • Gain efficiencies, capitalize on opportunities.
  • Mitigate risk of service disruption and loss of sales.