Managed Innovation Process (MIP) lies at the creative core of the growth strategy approach and should be on the agenda first. It is the indispensable first step where a company identifies potential growth markets and opportunities for the organization.



Process mapping is a well-known technique for creating a common vision and shared language for improving business results. To that end, the sales process is as unique to your company as your sales people are. Some focus on the sales performance, customer satisfaction, or company value add. Regardless of your companies focal point, there are common mistakes to the sales process, none the least of which is assuming your CRM will handily solve your sales process issues.


Sales process do's dont's

There are countless choices in customized system solutions for small & medium enterprise today, each to the size and unique requirements of your business, each process starts by identifying weak spots in your current infrastructure while looking to cut costs and improve ongoing performance. Kyocera has a complete managed document solution which is app based, IBM offers “intelligent business process management solutions” and SAP has a cloud-based offering which includes a CRM, or you can simply use your current customer technology.


Implementation phases

It has been found that the lack of appropriate culture and organizational (internal) readiness as the most important factor contributing to the failure of any system implementations in many companies. The presence of project management approaches and appropriate culture and organizational (internal) readiness are the most important factors contributing to the success of system implementations in organizations. Once implemented most systems or workflow solutions will look to organize and discipline your processes.


IBM offering

In summary, from innovation strategy, brand strategy development, to workflow, sales processes, and growth strategies. MAP Consulting Group (MAPCO GROUP) processes are fully integrated and in partnership with our clients, never parceled out to vendors or freelancers.